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A Complete GPS Tracking Solution

YUEBIZ provides a complete GPS tracking solution for managers to track vehicle and asset locations, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance needs—One-stop Service.

Easy-install, durable tracking devices

OEM/ODM White-Label tracking devices

Track movement of vehicles, assets, and equipment

Multiple Easy-install vehicle tracking devices

Monitor driver habits and optimize delivery routes

Global coverage,2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT Network

GPS Tracking APP No Monthly Fees

Access data via desktop, mobile phone, or tablet

GPS Tracking APP No Monthly Fees

Unlimited Technical support,7/24

Online solutions for you

Personal Vehicle GPS Tracking

YUEBIZ makes tracking personal vehicles super simple. Our easy-to-use software and devices can have you up and tracking in minutes. With our technology, you can easily:
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturer Know the exact location of vehicle
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerPinpoint whereabouts of elderly drivers
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerMonitor (and coach) teenager driving habits
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerLocate vehicle if stolen or unaccounted for

YUEBIZ GPS Vehicle Tracking works on all makes and models of personal vehicles, old or new like:

  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerSedans
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerSUVs
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerCrossovers
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerVans
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerRVs
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerTrucks

Truck Tracking Solution

Stay connected to your fleet and your drivers and significantly reduce operating expenses with YUEBIZ. Our GPS tracking technology provides an affordable means to:

  • Vehicle tracker manufacturer Optimize delivery routes
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerExplore fuel efficiency by tracking use rates
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerTrack on-time deliveries or anticipate delays
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerMonitor driver behavior to improve efficiency and safety

YUEBIZ GPS Vehicle Tracking works on all types of commercial vehicles:

  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerSemi trucks
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerBox trucks
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerService Vehicles
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerCargo vans
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerDump trucks
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerTow trucks

Fleet Tracking Solution

 YUEBIZ GPS fleet trackers help companies with small or large fleets significantly reduce their operating costs. With our trackers, you can easily:

  • Vehicle tracker manufacturer Guard against costly theft
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerReview routes and daily activity for each vehicle or asset
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerEnsure routes run smoothly and without interruption
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerMonitor fuel efficiency and safety habits
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerEasily manage the tracking and monitoring of multiple vehicles
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerand more!

YUEBIZ GPS Vehicle Trackers are used by fleets in many industries:

  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerEmergency vehicles
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerMunicipal vehicles
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerTelecom
  • Vehicle tracker manufacturerAnd many other industries

Track Shipping Containers & Trailers


The mobile nature of trailers and containers makes them high-priority targets for thieves. Equip yours with an affordable, simple solution that delivers the ultimate in peace of mind and the clarity of precise location tracking. In-transit route monitoring, alerts, and reports keep you informed about where your trailers and containers are at all times.

Vehicle tracker manufacturerDiscover why YUEBIZ GPS tracking for your trailers and containers is a wise investment at a very affordable price.

Cover Your Construction Equipment with Around-the-Clock Protection

Keep your job site running seamlessly by ensuring all construction equipment is where it is supposed to be when you need it. Prevent costly theft and receive updates on scheduled maintenance to protect your business’ largest investments. With an affordable monthly rate and simple device installation, YUEBIZ GPS tracking for construction equipment empowers you to monitor from your mobile device right away.

Vehicle tracker manufacturerExplore how you can protect your biggest assets on the construction job site with YUEBIZ GPS trackers for construction equipment.

Easily Track Your Rental Equipment from Pick-up to Return

Prevent unauthorized usage and theft by protecting your rental equipment with YUEBIZ GPS equipment tracking. With geofence perimeters and up-to-the-minute updates, you are in total control of seeing exactly where your rental equipment is, either at the site or safely stored.

Vehicle tracker manufacturerDiscover how GPS tracking of your rental equipment can thwart thieves and protect the bottom line of your business.

GPS Tracking in the Water, at the Dock, and in Storage

Protect your boat, jet ski, and other watercraft with YUEBIZ GPS marine tracking. Whether your boat is on the lake or stored in a facility, you get real-time updates on unauthorized movements, geofence protection, scheduled maintenance reminders, and much more.

Vehicle tracker manufacturerFind out why YUEBIZ is an easy, affordable solution to protect your watercraft.

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